Easy fast salad wraps


Set up as a buffet. Make your own wrap!

Make beautiful healthy salad wraps with seaweed, raw collard greens, your favorite lettuce or raw vegan flat breads.


A salad wrap in a raw vegan flat bread


Kids love to help roll ’em up!


Sage eating his superhero food!

Cut up your favorite veggies, ie. cucumbers, red/orange/yellow peppers, tomatoes, sprouts, micro-greens and avo and roll ’em up into a scrumptious meal.  When I make my wraps I either cut up slices of avo or mash up the avo into guac and spread on the bottom layer, then add my veggies to create a second layer and lay the sprouts on top. Sometimes I drizzle a little sesame seed oil on top and coconut aminos. Then I sprinkle spices, like: Himalayan salt, black pepper, turmeric.


Make your own dressing: sesame oil, coconut aminos, ume plum vinegar, turmeric, onion powder, Himalayan salt, black pepper.



A salad wrap in seaweed


You can add fruit too; cut up apples, pears, bananas for a sweet and salty taste with the seaweed. Or you can spread almond butter on a collard green and add slices of banana and or raisins. Be creative! This is a great dish to make when you want something fast and delicious. Get your kids involved. My son loves to wrap and roll. Enjoy and indulge! 


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