Love is the Answer

“If you choose to see a world full of love, your body will respond by growing in health. If you choose to believe that you live in a dark world full of fear, your body’s health will be compromised as you physiologically close yourself down in protection response”. – Bruce Lipton

We are living in a world where so many of us exist in a daily state of fight or flight. We are stressed out from our demanding lifestyles, environmental pollutants, negativity, chemicals and pesticides in food, poisons in household cleaners and the media at large.When our nervous system is in survival mode our immune system shuts down. More disease occurs. More colds occur. More cancer occurs.

Perceived fear shuts off the growth signal in a cell and activates our survival system which in turn weakens our immune system.

We once believed that, our DNA, controls the expression of our behavior, however, new research has proved that the expression of our hereditary blueprint is actually determined by how we perceive our environment. For example, the emotion of love alters the perception of our life experiences thereby altering our gene expression and thus behavior.

Signals from our environment activates expression of a gene. For example, a perceived stressor in the environment will set off one chain of biological processes and a perceived blissful experience will set off another chain of biological processes. The behavior of a cell is continually adjusting to our perceptions of the environment. These perceptions enable DNA mutation and activates disease in the body. Bruce Lipton documents the notion that, “our beliefs are altering our biology”.

We were taught how to see life at an early age by our parents and other adults around us at this time. These individuals helped us mold the perceptions or filters in which we perceive life today. How we see life and perceive situations controls who we are. If we were raised in a loving and nurturing environment than as adults we will more likely view the world as a loving and nurturing place, however, if we were not raised in a loving and nurturing home than we will more inclined to perceive the world as a dangerous or unsafe place to live.

Perceived toxins in the environment shuts off the love signal and perceived love shuts off the fear signal. Many of us are living in a code red everyday. We exist in survival mode because of our perceptions of danger in the environment.

When we are in survival mode 80% of the blood oxygenating our brains and organs rush to our arms and legs in preparation of running away or fighting. At this time we are unable to use our cortex and higher brain, nor can we learn or master new information. We are able to perform lower brain functions only.

So, what should we do? How do we exist in a world where we perceive  danger so often that it triggers a code red? How do we exist in a world where we feel our very survival is threatened?

The answer is love. Biologically, love is the largest growth promoting signal. Just as fear shuts off the growth signal, love shuts off the fear signal. We have to learn to change our perceptions. We have to work on perceiving the world as a happy place so we can truly feel safe in the world around us. Paint your world with love, strengthen your immune system and stay healthy!

Wishing you radiant health,


Love is the Answer

Love is the Answer

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