How I Became Green Girl

Ever since I could remember I was fascinated with food and the relationship it had with health. This passion began as an intellectual pursuit, a cerebral obsession, not something I lived. I read everything I could on diet, nutrition and health.

At that time, I was not a food junkie but an energy junkie. I always joked that my drug of choice was coffee. And it was, up until I couldn’t drink it anymore. When I wanted more energy, I simply drank another cup of coffee until I started feeling sick.

green girl 2Once I stopped drinking coffee I needed to find a replacement; something else to give me the same kind of high, the same bolt of energy. I tried supplements, teas and almost anything natural that promised more power. Nothing really worked. What did work was routine exercise, sunshine, and a good night sleep.

As I got older, I started experimenting with various diets to eat healthier and to achieve greater energy. In 2009, my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and I researched diets, therapies and any magic potion that would save his life.

I started researching the raw vegan lifestyle. I already owned a few raw vegan “cook” books but couldn’t figure out how to make this way of eating a sustainable lifestyle. This time my husband and I decided to try this together – so it was a very different experience.

The summer after my dad passed away I was emotionally drained and began the full-time nine week Holistic Health Educator Program at the Hippocrates Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida. This experience was a real turning point for me in my quest for true health.

I saw people with Stage 4 cancers regain their health. I saw people with debilitating diseases who required wheelchairs for mobility start walking again.  I experienced first hand what happened on an emotional level when you nourished your body with the best food on the planet. I never felt better!

The more greens I ate, the more energy I had and the happier I was! This makes total sense as chlorophyll is the magic molecule in plants that absorbs energy from sunlight.

So in my quest for true health, I found my best source of raw energy harnessed in the little green molecule of chlorophyll- fueled by sun power!

My favorite mathematical equation for vibrant health is: quality sleep + routine exercise + sunshine + time spent with loved ones + lots of greens equals mc squared.

Wishing you radiant health,


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