Movie Review: Hungry for Change

hungry-for-changeLast night I watched the movie Hungry for Change. This movie is a must see as it could definitely change your life! Notable names from around the globe including Mike Adams, Nick Bolton, Alejandro Junger, David Wolfe, Jon Gabriel, Dr. Joseph Mercola and Dr. Christiane  Northrup give their best insights on the food industry, diet and weight loss. Some share intimate life changing stories and photos of what they used to look like and their new realities-new bodies-new selves- truly remarkable. I applaud them for sharing their truth.

Here are the highlights from Hungry for Change:

1. Loving yourself is the key. Christiane Northrup, Md, discusses the existence of hardcore scientific evidence that proves that self-love has the ability to radically improve your health by: lowering your blood pressure, helping you achieve a healthy weight and enhancing overall well being.

2. Here’s an exercise Dr. Northrup recommended to try that she credits to the motivational author Louise Hay.

Stand in front of a mirror, look deeply into your eyes and say out loud: “I accept myself unconditionally right now.” Do this for 30 days and notice a shift around day 28.

3. Use visualization to communicate with your subconscious and create the body you want. Find an old picture of yourself or choose a photo of someone that resembles the body you want. Look at the picture for 30 seconds and let your subconscious absorb. Then close your eyes and imagine yourself in that body performing your favorite activities, ie. walking, dancing, laughing with friends.

This exercise reinforces Anthony Robbins advice:

“Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life”.

4. The best way to rid your body of stress hormones is through deep sleep. Good sleep metabolizes excess cortisol and epinephrine. In addition, exercise and laughter are fantastic ways to decrease stress hormones as well. Laughter decreases pain and improves immune function as well.

5. Mental and emotional stress causes changes in body chemistry that tricks the body into thinking they’re starving which triggers weight gain. Two other stressors responsible for weight gain are: sleep deprivation and dehydration. Weight gain is merely the body’s way of protecting itself. Therefore, decrease mental and emotional stress, get good consistent sleep and stay hydrated!

6. LOVE is the most important factor in keeping weight off because your subconscious understands LOVE as safety.

7. When you start eating more fruit, veggies and greens in your diet, your body will start to heal itself. That’s what your body is programmed to do. Once your body starts healing itself it will release toxins. In order to facilitate the healthy removal of these toxins from your body eat a gelatinous substance daily containing chia seeds, aloe vera or flax seeds to complete this transit of toxins. If these toxins aren’t excreted from your body they will be reabsorbed.

Even though I’ve studied health, food and diet for over twenty years, this movie gave me some new insights which I have already started to incorporate into my daily regimen.



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